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Future technology is visual perception: Kids logic announced “back to the future 2″ maglev DeLorean time car

Today is just a normal day for many people, but it is an important day for the fans of the classic movie “back to the future 2″. Today is the day when Marty and Dr. Brown, the protagonists of the story, return to the future. To commemorate this day, many peripheral products related to the film have been launched one after another.

Recently, a Hong Kong toy company named kids logic announced a DeLorean time car with suspension effect to restore the classic movie scene that the car is about to take off through the wormhole. The whole product is divided into a base and a DeLorean car model. By using the magnetic levitation principle, the car is suspended above the base. The whole product looks very sci-fi. Unfortunately, this product will not be put on sale until the third quarter of 2016 at the earliest. Therefore, it is only in the pre-sale stage at present. If you have the intention to purchase it, you can book it from the animation website in Taiwan. However, the official sale price is as high as 1600 Hong Kong dollars (about 1310 yuan). You must think clearly before you chop your hands.

Friends who have seen the film all know that this model is based on the DeLorean dmc-12 model in the second movie of the series. The official said that it is 100% loyal to the original film in terms of production. The gull wing door, the time machine and wheels in the trunk are all made to be lifelike. The scale of the model is 1:20, so the actual length of the model is 22 cm. The car body is equipped with more than 10 LED lights, which can emit bright and dazzling lights. After removing the magnetic suspension base and replacing the model with ordinary tires, it can also be displayed as an ordinary car model.

Pre sale link: buy animation

Official price: 1600 Hong Kong dollars (about 1310 yuan)

Post time: Jan-21-2021